Use The Power of Radio & Digital To Reach Your Local Customers

We reach over 100,000 unique listeners every month!

How Can Radio and Digital Work Together For Your Business?

AM/FM Radio is America’s No. 1 reach medium

Nationwide Radio reaches 93% of adults each week. In small markets that number jumps to 98%. (Nielsen)

AM/FM Radio is America’s No. 1 audio source

Fifty-two percent of all time spent listening to audio goes to AM/FM radio. More than Sirius XM, owned music, iPods, Pandora, TV music channels and streamed music combined. (Nielsen)

AM/FM Radio has the highest share of media time spend from 6am-7pm

Reaching consumers commuting, at work and shopping during the day. Radio beats TV, PCs and Mobile. (Nielsen)

AM/FM Radio drives search

In a recent study, Radio drove 29% incremental Google searches. (RAB, Radio Drives Search Study)

Radio and Digital. Combining these two strategies has proven to increase return on investment for our clients. Call one of our offices to find out more on how radio and digital can work together to grow your business.

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